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Feroz Khan is the reason...flamboyance starts with F..

"The lion who roared, is no more." actor Sanjay Khan informed on April 27, 2009. Feroz Khan was laid  to rest in his home town Bangalore, near to his mother's grave.

SAUVE                                                      FLAMBOYANT                                     STYLE ICON
                                                                      FEROZ KHAN

Feroz Khan was the man with many hats - actor, director, producer and a swagger visionary. He was the first in India to localize Cuppola's The Godfather. And made it into DHARMATMA.
actor Premnath in & as Dharmatma
‘Main apne liye khud kanoon hoon..” said Premnath as Brandos counterpart in Dharmatma; decades before RGV brought Subhash Nagre in mumbai. FK did it.

Shot in the exotic afghan locales, Dharmatma, has credits to be first in more ways -

· It was also the first Bollywood film to be shot in beautiful landscape of Afghanistan.

· It was first Indian film featuring buzkashi an Afghani sport, used as a glamour factor by FK and later by many others in film industry.

Earlier, In my childhood days, we did not get to see many films. Hand painted or sketched film posters were our only connect with the fantastical world of glitter. To imagine a story out of the posters elements, must have been favorite pass time. I use MUST, because whenever I refer to my early days, it seems that I was only passing my time, which is approx 15 years. (!!! my God ! )

So the elements shown in the posters formed the basis to fantasize a story. Now you can imagine how delightful, it would have been to manufacture a story out of FK’s film posters - glimpse of revolvers, sniper rifles fitted with digi magnifiers on top, helicopters, imported cars, bikini clad belle somewhere in the corner of clouds of explosion and a jeep front coming out of it, jaw lines of favourite goons of the likes of Ranjeet, Sudhir, Shakti Kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor and... shirt half-unbuttoned, a big locket hanging on thick gold chain upon broad chest of gun totting Feroz Khan.

( FK introduced Formula One in 1972 in his directorial debut APRADH. Much later to this, I got to know about formula one cars and formula one races.)

His knee-weakeningly gorgeous lady lass’ – Mumtaz, Zeenat Aman,Rekha, Hema Malini, Sree Devi, Madhuri Dixit, Dimple Kapadia, Nagma, Celina… all in hyper glamourized versions of themselves. Blame FK or praise the Heroines for having the opportunity. Your choice.. irrespective.

"He was the first and last man who called me 'baby'. No one else dared. I wish they would..." Hema Malini on Feroz khan.
On the sets of one of his many grand gala ventures, FK surprised Hema's mother and said 'Come on, mom. Join us.'. Hema's mother, (then famous as strict shadow of HM), was taken aback for once.

Have a look into 5 – 7 images of FK and you won’t doubt that story.

His Storylines –

DHARMATMA. The title character was based on then glorified matka king. It is said that Khan  actually  sat down with matka pioneer Ratan Khatri to learn details and understand the nuances of matka. This film took Feroz Khan to new heights in his career and was a blockbuster movie.

Ranjeet and Sudhir - 'bhookhey bhediye suna hai'.. Their first anonymous sight anywhere declared that ladies dignity was in danger, in their surroundings. Guess!! How you would feel when they look back at you, with these crooked eyes, and the back ground music is also parallelly hinting you, to look for rescue –

Or.. how the jeopardy bells go chiming to full throttle if you find likes of Imtiaz, Ranjeet, Sudhir and Jeevan on one discussion table..

God save the world.

QURBANI became biggest hit of the year. Feroz Khan can be credited for bringing Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor and Amrish Puri into mainstream Hindi movies by giving them exposure and critical roles in the movie. FK introduced Biddu as music director and Nazia Hasan as singer delivering super duper hit chart-busters.  "Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye.."  & "Laila O laila.." with all other songs were all time rage.

Khan used UK crew for stunts, arrangement, photography stunt production and stunt scene writing.

Mercedes benz made it’s screen debut under FK's umbrella. Those were the days when not many in India had seen a Mercedes, let alone sat in one.

Khan brought Amjad Khan out of memories of Gabbar Singh, and very effectively remodeled him into a chewing gum chewing, witty stylish cop roaming around with authority in London, to track down his fugitives. Amjad’s pursuit of justice does not deprives him of his humour. He is one of the most intersting cops in my memory records. FK did it.

JAANBAAZ. Manhar Udhas got famous for 'Har kisi ko nahin milta, yehan pyar zindagi mein..'
Sreedevi's character played Feroz's love interest. She dies for drug overdose, by FK's tormentors. If FK would have turned into Devdas, things would have settled down. But FK as Inspector Rajesh refuses to do so, dons his cowboy hat and pushes ahead to find the bad guys responsible and settle his score. And yes there is Anil Kapoor too, in new avatar of spoilt Casanova, donned upon him by FK.

DAYAVAN – a grand attempt to remake, world famous Nayagan by Mani Ratnam & Kamal Haasan. Only FK could attempt to ape both of the stalwarts, in his own style, all by himself.
"Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai .." by Pankaj Udhas is fresh in numerous memories..but FK also chose to add  "..chahe meri jaan tu lele, chahe imaan tu lele.. pyaar ik baar toh dede.." by Jolly Mukherjee. Watch this mischievous number.

YALGAAR – We saw Desert scooters first time in this film, that too being ridden by Sanjay dutt, in all his puma machismo. Who else, but FK pulled the threads.

Internatinal hired assassin. Contract Killing. Cops and gangsters at war …
and "…Aakhir tumhe aana hai .. zara der lagegi.." perfect spice.

JANASHEEN – super bike races in Philip’s island, Australia. Most other things were stylized non sense.
“bakhuda humein khoon ka rang qatai pasand nahin. Par kya karein, hamari ragon mein daudta hai” At the age of  66, Feroz Khan won some awards including Film Fare for best actor in negative role.

APRADH  a 1972 action thriller the film is famous for Grand Prix – Formula 1 races in Germany. It’s song "Ae Naujawan Hai Sab" by Asha Bhosle; became inspiration for the The Black Eyed Peas' hit song "Don't Phunk with My Heart" in 2005.

FK’s camera characteriscally shot urban setting, nouveau music foreign locales, and upscale imagery for social dramaas Safar, Aarzoo, Oonche Log, Aadmi aur insaan (he won his first Filmfare award for this)…etc.

The list is not for his never perfect films, but of his iconic flamboyance. Observe the pattern. All unconventional, trend setters much like FK himself.

People refer to Clint Eastwood as Feroz Khan of the West..

Errrrr.. Actually Feroz Khan is known as the Clint Eastwood of the East..

FK erupted revolution of looks. He changed how films, their heroes, and heroines should have looked.

When a billiards tournament that had lost its sponsors, Feroz Khan, saved it. Quite consistent in his legendary cool quotient.

Khan was an A category entertainer, at par to any existing showmanship of past, present or even future. thrilling Car chases, English country sides, , galore of violence, explosions, camera angles were common characters of his gala presentations.

FK intended…machismo, masculinity, explosion, glamour …

Mannerism, internationalism, entertainment…

Appeal, sensuality, modernism, experimentation…

.... FK meant everything Grand.

"zindagi lamba chakkar hai ...maut seedha raasta hai wahan pahunchne ka.." said Feroz Khan in
film Safar (1970)

Adieu FK
Joke 1 : Jinaah got India divided on grounds of religion and created Pakistan. In June 2005, L k Advani (out of all) described Mohd. A. Jinnah a "secular" leader.

Joke 2 : In May 2006, Feroz Khan was blacklisted by then Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. Pakistan's high commission in India and the foreign and interior ministries were subsequently directed to deny Khan a visa to Pakistan (a popular terrorist – not tourist - destination) in the future.
WHY?? The joke ends here.

Feroz Khan went Pakistan to promote his brother's film, Taj Mahal. As per intelligence report submitted to Musharraf, he was said to have gotten drunk and insulted Pakistani singer and anchor and criticizing the country saying:
"I am a proud Indian. India is a secular country. The Muslims there are making lot of progress unlike in Pakistan. Our President is a Muslim and our Prime Minister a Sikh. Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, but look how the Muslims are killing Muslims here."

i narrate in lower case ..And they call me…