Saturday, 29 April 2017

Chronicles of the Man from another Planet

#theManfromAnotherPlanet - 20s
Is 2 ft. On longer side
Met him 2 yrs. ago.
Makes me lie down linear,...stands on 1 side of my body,... jumps up high, to land back on my TORSO, with such perfection that his knees, land exactly on my rib cage, everytime, without miss.
Is telling me, that I am, his SWIMMING 🏊 pool!!..
With an UNAPOLOGETIC.. "..thik Aye.."
a whaaTssss??!!?? Swimming pool??!!?? YES...
This is bcoz, i didn't cooperate, when, earlier in the evening, he declared, that I was a road:
"..aap meli ROAD ho, ... Thik Aye... Me aapke oopar, aishe aishe, (shows thru hand  gesture) 🚶 Chalke 🍠chhabji 🍅 lene jata uooon!"
all this... while, walking over my head to toe, with my spinal chord, forming the Centre of that ROAD...
hoWss!! non- chalent, cold blooded, IMAGINATIVE??!!
#theManfromAnotherPlanet - 20s
Is 2 ft. On longer side
Met him 2 yrs. ago.
Goes to MIRROR weeping, every 5 -10 minutes 🕒, climbs up, checks his MOUTH 👄 from various angles,.. gets sad 😔 and cries again....
back in living area... Is doing a propaganda that I've taken, some of his TEETH, and pressurizing me to return those.
complaining to my father, with a sense of betrayal n anger 💢 :
"Dada, Ishne ne ye bala daant, apne munh me laga liya... ushko daanto, achcha bachcha bee nai aye..."
shows the gap, between his toddler set of teeth...
I have spent entire evening, convincing Him, that those gaps between his teeth are natural ; and the teeth in my mouth are mine, not stolen from his set,..
scrutinizing my 'grown up set' of teeth; He inspects inside of my mouth, carefully; "aaa dikaao... (with a frown) 😦" ...
 like spies, secretly peep, and examine rooms, from above, through ventilator slit !!
Starts crying more loudly....
bcoz there are no Gaps in between mine, as compared to his teeth.
 Thinks I'm lying, and all those teeth in (imaginary) gaps, actually belong to him.
Now he is more sure that I have taken his teeth.
I do not know what to do, now. I am helpless 😣,.. Repenting, my joke, when I told him, that I took his teeth, while he was sleeping 😴.
#theManfromAnotherPlanet - 20s
Is 2 ft. On longer side
Met him 2 yrs. ago.
No one, at 🏡 home, except for 2 of us.
Me: "veer bahadur bachcha kaun??"
 He (chanting with me): "nanveel! Nanveel!!"
Me: "Dhakkan buddhu ladka kaun..??.!"
He is smiling  in advance... Even repeats with me halfway..
He: "......larka kon"
(chants the response with me):
"nanveel! Nanveel!!"
4 guests are home. I'm the showman, they are my audience / viewers / tamaasha-ee.. .
Show begins.....
Me: "veer bahadur bachcha kaun??"
 He (disillusioned, chanting without Spirit ! no Audibility !): 😴 😴
"nanveel! Nanveel!!"
Ppl barely hear him..
I try to wrap up the show at-least to sober end.
Me: "Dhakkan buddhu ladka kaun..??.!"
He: witty, amused, shrewd, ,...
"Aley!! ... Dakk- khan toh, BAATAL me lagaate he naa..!!"
attacks again, with sarcasm, :
"tumko pata bee nai tha, CHYAA..!!???.."
Laughingly looks at all others, ...
"...tummm chyaa aaadami ho yaal !!??!! "
Me: looking into oblivion....avoiding gazes... I was the show!!