Sunday, 21 July 2013

bhaag milkha bhaag ! - .. i narrate in lower case

 'Oye!' is the most emphasized term throughout the movie

It’s all right Mr. Mehra, we understand. The movie is based on great athlete Milkha Singh  and his punjabi background. Why to overplay that?

well... i narrate in lower case*..

(Have you ever noticed? no one actually can. One can only write in lower or upper case. God! Why did you take away humour with you when you left the very average creation - humans, to live on it's own.)

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a 2013 Indian biographical sports film based on the life of "The Flying Sikh" Milkha Singh, an Indian athlete.

-          assessment - good, not great.
-          per expectation - farhan akhtar. he put as much effort as possible with ease for his calibre.
-          below expectation - rakesh O P mehra - he just attempted and produced an easy product packaged to be a hit or super hit, subject to contribution of luck.
-          editing - bad
-          nice to see Pawan malhotra and Divya Dutta back.  doing something.
-          a powerhouse actor like Prakash raj is just wasted. Mani sir must have been banging his head.
-          Screen presentation - not good. 

ref this - National champions are competing. First (milkha - indian) is tense- he wants to remain first, second (paki) is tense to cover the gap ... and third...
Third is some sportsman who is laughing at camera and at ongoing shooting by ROMP of the same race. May be the third athlete forgot, that he is a part of the acting unit. However ROMP* should not have forgotten this.

Ainsssssand, athletes do not require 8 pack abs.

The movie is an ok choice for the weekend timepass and movie going routine. The movie is based on 
• efforts from farhan akhtar, although he is better talented differentle.
• average or no research, 
• low input from the director who definitely is more capable, 
• extracts from gadar, RDB, all grinded in a maharaja mixie

Put this movie before PAN SINGH TOMAR and watch it coming third, despite the competition b/w only those two, in the race of art, apart of many other things.

Technicalities are not so bad in this movie. but technicalities matter second.

Why should the maker of film like RDB and Aks, shy away from effort? 
Chill !! sometime he will do it again.   (!! what happened to my language??)

PS 1 : to show that Milkha Singh is flying in plane for the first time, ROMP shows him struggling with his seat belt. Then very traditionally a muse comes to his help and clips that.

come on Mr. Mehra. I, for one, saw this technique in film NAAM released in 1986. And then approx 1000 times in some other movies. Innovate man.
You should not do serious film making when you actually want to be on a vacation.

PS 2 : why does the clock always show 1 am?